With a degree in Fashion Design completed at the Fashion School of Lisbon (Magestil), Rute has developed skills in the Cutting, Clothing Confectioning and Showcase industries. The Author’s Fashion works are unique and elaborated through the union and contrast of noble materials. Having the skin as one of the inspirations, the models are idealized by exploring their conjugation in an exquisite way.

The Design and the elaboration of Feminine Author’s Clothing, is differentiator for allying comfort, quality, originality in the union and contrast of textures, to the sophistication and refinement of the woman of Sec XXI. As a concept and personalized design “fashion author” with the elaboration of dresses and women’s clothing of ceremony, tailor-made with refinement and exclusive, quality skin is the basis of the productions accompanying the trends of fashion and the dream of having a piece of single clothing.

Rute Doellinger – Moda de Autor. We dream of the reality of special creations and complements in all its details.

Looking for a way to be able to dress as you idealize without being dependent on the choices of large surfaces, brands or stores that generally have clothes for everyone and clothes for none? A fashion designer can shape what she thought was her ideal.