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Mrs. Tourism Queen International Portugal

The Moda de Autor by Rute Doellinger will be present at the Mrs. Tourism Queen International 2018 contest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, representing Portugal wearing the fantastic and beautiful model Åse Engholm.

The beauty pageant takes place in late August 2018 in Malaysia and annually chooses between several countries around the world married ladies to show off their beauty, talents and success with a more contemporary and glamorous approach. While beauty is the key element, competitors are also invited to express their views on marriage and current events.

All married women – young wives and even mothers from all over the world – are eligible to participate. By providing this unique opportunity in which representatives from around the world can meet and share a common purpose, the international event successfully promotes greater communication, culture, friendship and mutual understanding among all representatives of the various countries.

Åse Engholm

Portugal will be represented by the model Åse Engholm, who has been living in Portugal for a few years now, having been qualified for Miss Sweden and having a long and successful career as a model.

The Åse will wear high quality designer dresses designed and made in Portugal by Rute Doellinger exclusive and unique, using glamorous fabrics and jewelry and costume jewelry also made in Portugal by F2 Top Design, an Atelier in which works are carried out in connection with Fashion and the Decoration of Events and Interiors, fully manufactured.




Promoting the best that is done in Portugal with a boost of entrepreneurship, Moment’s combines efforts and is a platform for promoting and accompanying entrepreneurship in Portugal and in the world. Through her co-ordination, Moment’s also publicly represents the professional model Åse Engholm, they has made efforts in the search of the best brands and representations in the best that is done in fashion and beauty promoting events and workshops in this area.

All the design of the formal dresses were created according to the body and beauty of the Åse Engholm simpatica highlighting the elegant silhouette of the professional model with excellent finishes and sewing using also very noble fabrics and materials of extreme quality. With the personal imprint of the Author’s Fashion by Rute Doellinger, the detail in the confection and finishes are a constant as well as the rigor of haute couture including also precious metals in the formal dresses that will represent Portugal in this contest.



I wish the greatest success for Åse Engholma in this contest and I am sure of the longevity and permanence in the representation of Portugal around the world and with the pride of the made-in-portugal.

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