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Author’s Fashion at Be Faith Store (Oeiras – Portugal)

The ideal space to stay abreast of the latest fashion trends. Glamor, good taste and refinement in a set of pieces designed for the cosmopolitan woman.

The BeFaith store is a women’s clothing store located in #Oeiras and represents the best that is done in women’s clothing and accessories.

Be faith STORE.png

Be Faith in addition to commercializing international brands such as Denny Rose, Lariga, Sienna Bee, Schutz footwear among many others, bet also on the National Author Fashion and Portuguese breeders.
Some of the pieces of the new 18/19 FALL WINTER (FW) collection with skin-inspired inspiration also based on the skin and inspired by exclusive, quality fabrics are also present and proudly in the Be Faith Fashion Store.
All skins and fabrics were selected in the traditional Lisbon market. The various pieces have been rigorously chosen to be part of the collection and exclusivity of each dress, coat and accessories that are part of the collection.

The BeFaithFashionStore.Lda is also a success on social networks. With more than 18,500 followers on Facebook, BeFaith is a modern and sophisticated space and this is one of the many positive reviews for this store in Oeiras.

You can visit BeFaith in the Galleries Alto da Barra, floor 0, shop 210 in Oeiras near Inatel pools.

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