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Chita de Alcobaça on Lisboa

Some of the collection by Chita 2018 are present and on display for sale in the fashion space of the ExpoStyle beauty salon.

With new management of Sara Silva Alves, ExpoStyle is a space of beauty in the Expo (next to the marina) in one of the noble zones of Lisbon. In addition to being a competent and original beauty salon also has a space linked to the fashion design where some of the pieces of the collection of 2018 is elaborated in Chita de Alcobaça.

Espaço Moda ExpoStyle

In this collection, taking the Chita de Alcobaça as inspiration, the models are idealized exploring their conjugation in an refinement way.

The “Green Glow Waves” dress in Veludo (100% Polyester) and “Shangry La by Chita de Alcobaça” fabric (100% cotton), with an asymmetrical shoulder, and applications in Chita de Alcobaça, with an asymmetrical cut in the skirt; folded frill and Velvet and Cheetah union; The vest in Denim (100% cotton) and fabric “by Chita de Alcobaça” (100% cotton). Vest with Denim front and back in Chita, asymmetrical application of a ruffled frill and lined at the front with Chita de Alcobaça and back with taffeta (100% polyester); are some of the pieces available for direct purchase at ExpoStyle.

A little bit of the history of Chita de Alcobaça:

The manufacture of the cotton cloth was developed very early in Portugal, several testimonies prove the existence, as early as 1530, of a domestic weaving industry in Alcobaça.

Chita is a printed cotton fabric originating in India, which was first brought to Europe by the Portuguese in the 15th century. Having had great success in the seventeenth and eighteenth century for both decoration and clothing.
From 1774 until the mid-nineteenth century, Alcobaça has even been considered one of the most important spinning and weaving manufacturing center for cotton fabrics in the country. At this time also specializes in the prints and patterns used in Chita de Alcobaça.

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O salão ExpoStyle is on Rua Nau da Catrineta 3.06.01 A – Parque das Nações ( Expo Sul) in Lisboa

Montra ExpoStyle Lisboa Agosto 2018

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