All the fall-winter collections of 2018 that I have the privilege of watching and keeping track of, are full of animal standards. From the tiger, the snake and even the zebra, there are patterns of everything.

“Animal print” – stamping animal patterns on textiles or leather (see the collection FW 18/19 by Rute Doellinger), is a trend that has been repeated for many years in virtually every collection. This year we have seen a lot of diversity and quantity of these patterns in the creators’ productions.

In addition to textiles and skin, animal printmaking already reaches almost every fashion segment: bags, bags, shoes, accessories, etc.

Patterns of animal patterns have been a part of success for decades and are traditional pieces in women’s wardrobes.

The tendency to wear clothes and accessories with animal patterns comes from the earliest times.

The use in clothing of animal print patterns is much older than modern fashionable times. From the beginning of humanity when they used animal skin to cover the body and according to some studies, the fascination with images of animals has already been in human DNA since our origin.

In ancient civilization, the skin of animals meant power and status very much used by the clergy, nobility and even kings.

To what is known, in the eighteenth century, the textures of the skin of the animals entered in a definitive way for the world of fashion being the African exotic culture very responsible for this tendency being also very related at the time, with the luxury and the daring in dressing .

This type of pattern has fantastic versatility. With stamping on more or less noble fabrics, having one or several pieces is a “must have”.

Animal print has replaced floral as the print du jour this season.

Today we have the animal pattern in stamping for example on the skin and in this case the use of pressing techniques mold and modify the shape and even the stiffness.

The quality of this type of clothing is not restricted to the traditional color of the skin and with the correct and appropriate seam, you get pieces with unusual patterns and very interesting.

Inspiration to the flower of the skin is the motto of the collection Fall Winter 18/19 of the collection by Rute Doellinger.
The “animal print” and the choice in the best skins in the most traditional and best shops in lisbon (made-in-portugal) that commercialize the raw material of quality, the skin present in these retailers allowed to innovate with the standards.

One of the collection’s jackets, for example, has snake-print, thus opening up a new way of combining traditional and quality skin color.

The raw material of great quality was based on unique pieces chosen to the detail and all the creations of the collection FW 18/19 are exclusive in number and quantity.


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